About Adam Ports

Adam started training in the martial arts in 1997. He developed a quick love of Tae Kwon Do and put a great amount of time and effort into his training. Adam trained under Master Charles D. Murzda of Grandmaster Chun in Wooster, Ohio. He excelled early on and soon began to teach students of all ages at the studio. Adam enjoyed, and was quite remarkable at working with the younger students. Adam felt the discipline he attained from his training would be extremely valuable in his college education.

After many years of training, Adam finally earned his Black Belt in June of 2002. He was extraordinarily proud of this accomplishment and always remembered the skills and principles he learned. He successfully competed in a number of tournaments over the years and regularly medaled in multiple events; including sparring, breaking, and forms. He also competed on the demo team and was beginning to develop his weapons skills.

Adam truly loved life and almost always wore a huge smile. He always had fun no matter what he was doing. Adam was a great friend, especially with the ladies. He would charm them by making homemade chocolate truffles, a true romantic! Adam was unique. He was an amazing son, brother and friend. He is loved and missed by many.

Organ Donation

Adam was an organ donor and gave the gift of life to six people upon his death. For more information on becoming an organ donor, please visit www.lifebanc.org.